With WhiteSpace® you can at last view real resource availability - most systems only show non scheduled diary time and do not take into account background tasks or commitments. WhiteSpace® tracks both diary appointments as well as project tasks and commintments that cannot be represented within a calendar.

  • Availability at a glance
    see resource availability for each resource instantly
  • Rapidly book resources
    double click in a blank space, make a booking there and then
  • Availability summary
    is displayed for each resource and takes into account background project tasks
  • Scheduling Advisor
    powerful optional tool searches for resources by skill and availability
  • Synch with Outlook
    seamlessly publishes employees' bookings into Outlook
  • Multi-user
    Allows multiple users to schedule and plan at the same time

WhiteSpace® - Managing Resource Availability

WhiteSpace® makes managing resource capacity simple and easy. You can quickly tell exactly how much of an employee or resource's time is allocated, how much is available and when.

From powerful views that show diary style bookings, bookings, to easy to read Utilization Heat map analysis that shows you available time and hot spots that need instant attention, WhiteSpace® has got you covered.

Classical diary-based scheduling tools only show actual diary appointments, but most people do not enter all time commitments into their calendar. Everyone has these types of commitments: a report due next week, preparing for a presentation the week after, background tasks, administration, things that take up time which the employee fits in around their day to day schedule.

In the example above, a person has bookings on Monday and Thursday, so they are free the other 3 days right? Wrong, they also have a commitment due Friday that requires 20 hours which means they only have 4 hours available.

WhiteSpace® takes into account each resource's available hours, their diary appointments as well as their ongoing background tasks to show the hours available within the date range

in view.

Availability can take into account bookings from other systems such as Outlook, and can even take into account ongoing commitment or background tasks that are not normally published in a calendar.

With availability data

Views dynamically display resource availablity

available within views, users can immediately see whether a resource can be used or not.


Scheduling by Availability
Although schedulers can search resources and calendars for an available slot, WhiteSpace® can do the work for you, simply specify the resource or the type or resource required and the system will analyze their suitability and availability .

WhiteSpace® will advise what resources it has found, but the scheduler can override this and chose another resource subject to your booking rules such as conflicts and availability and the user's security rights.

Scheduling Advisor - choose resources by availability

WhiteSpace® is available stand-alone or fully integrated with our Time® and Time®&Money systems, it can also be fully and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, and it also forms the scheduling engine for Time&Space®, our complete professional services automation solution.

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