A number of advanced options are available for WhiteSpace®, including; the TimeZone module, Report Writer, Exchange integration, Scheduling Advisor which searches for employees by skill, location or other attributes, conflict management, reports scheduler and auto email alerting engine.

  • Customizable
    specialist optional modules extend the capabilities of WhiteSpace® beyond the standard out of the box functionality
  • Flexible
    as your business needs evolve you can evolve your WhiteSpace® implementation to match your needs as you grow
  • Cost Effective
    whereas standard functionality is applicable to the majority of users, not all options are needed by all users so you aren't paying for functionality you don't need or use
  • Powerful
    as challenges arise in the future, extend the capability of your WhiteSpace® configuration in size, scope, scheduling capabilities, reporting
  • Scalable
    with a range of powerful optional modules, WhiteSpace® is equally at home with small businesses as it is with large enterprises - smaller organizations benefit from knowing they can grow their WhiteSpace® system as they grow, larger enterprises benefit from the large customerbase and the stablility this a large userbase brings
  • Links with other systems
    with interfaces with MS-Exchange / Outlook and options to integrate with other internal systems, WhiteSpace® can become an integral part of your business management solution set

WhiteSpace® - Advanced Options

A number of optional modules allow WhiteSpace® to be extended beyond the out of the box functionality.

WhiiteSpace® reports with user defined grouping   
Optional modules include:
> Dashboard
The optional Dashboard is a favorite amongst Administrators, Managers, CFO's and CEO's. Users simply choose the charts, panels and gauges they want from the list of items available
> Custom Fields
Allows you to create new fields, name them, specify their data type, attach them to an area of the system and even use them in Drill Downs and Reporting.
> Time zone module
Simply a must if you schedule across TimeZones - maintains full knowledge of user, resource and booking time zone as well as maintains a complete worldwide database of the latest time zone rules
> Report writer
Create new reports and charts, customize standard reports, arrange your reports, attach them to menus and specify which users can run which reports.†

Exchange integration
WhiteSpace® can be seamlessly integrated with Exchange on-line, or on-premises to deliver bi-directional synchronization between MS-Outlook calendars and WhiteSpace® resource schedules.

Operating in a similar way to the Blackberry Enterprise Server, the WhiteSpace® Exchange Integrator seamlessly performs b-directional synchronization between Exchange and WhiteSpace®, and as an added bonus any other clients that link with exchange, including iPhones, Blackberry phones, OWA, Android phones. The system can even lock specific booking types to stop users from editing, moving or deleting these bookings - something Outlook itself cannot do.

> Advanced scheduling
Adds advanced features including the scheduling advisor which assists you when scheduling resources by recommending resources for you based on availability and also includes conflict management and advanced booking decurity facilities
> Queues
Advanced scheduling facility that allows for complex future scheduling requirements. Supports the creation of a sequence of future scheduling assignments that can be 'pencilled in' with minimum detail for inclusion in future planning, with more details such as date, duration, resource type and finally resource as the information presents itself. Ideal for organizations with complex future planning, capacity planning or repetitive planning needs.
> Alerts
Auto analysis engine searches for events, attributes or data occurrences (e.g.. late timesheets, projects nearing X% of their budget, Employees with low utilization) and notifies managers of the occurrence
      † On premises implementations only
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