WhiteSpace® simplifies the process of scheduling across multiple timezones. Simply specify the date, time and timezone a booking is to be made in and WhiteSpace® works out the local time for each attendee and displays the booking in both meeting and user time.

  • Complete Timezone support
    complete time zone scheduling solution; tracks resource, User and booking time zone
  • Save Embarassment
    from costly scheduling errors made when booking across timezones
  • No errors
    Whereas diary systems like Outlook only manage bookings at your resource's time zone, in WhiteSpace® you specify the booking's timezone. There is no manual adjustment of start time to cater for time zones, no confusion over Summer / Winter time differences in your time zone or the target bookings' time zone, and most importantly, no errors
  • Multi-user
    allows multiple users from multiple locations in multiple timezones to schedule and plan resources simultaneously
  • Schedule by time zone
    filter resources by time zone so that schedulers can only view, schedule and plan resources from a list of applicable timezones you define
  • Synch with Outlook
    seamlessly publishes bookings in Outlook and synchs bookings made in Outlook at the right time relative to time zones
  • Automatic
    processing of all worldwide time zones, summer / winter times
  • Comprehensive database
    of all worldwide time zones and their past and future rule changes
  • Update Service
    maintains timezone database with latest timezone changes from all countries worldwide

WhiteSpace® - Scheduling across time zones

When scheduling resources across time zones, you need to know everyones' timezone and how they relate to each other at the time you are making bookings.

Often, as a courtesy to customers, or to avoid confusion, schedulers prefer to make bookings in the customer's timezone - after all, getting the time wrong is not only embarassing, it wastes your resources' and your customers' valuable time... and as we all know, time is money!

Getting it right
WhiteSpace® stores both the booking's timezone and the employee's timezone and accurately manages these if the booking is moved.

Diary systems including Outlook make bookings in the employee's timezone, whereas in WhiteSpace®, you can make a booking in your customer's timezone.

If for example you move a booking past a summer/winter time change, the booking is always based in the timezone you specify. So if the date of the booking changes near a summer/winter time change, unless you know all of the worldwide rules and

 Views show each Resource's TimeZone, mouseover shows local & booking time

the changes throughout the year (click here to see how many), your bookings will get out of step.

Systems like Outlook, are only aware of the resources' timezones and only hold timezone rule data for the next daylight time change, which although perfectly acceptable for personal bookings, will result in errors where you are scheduling bookings with people in other time zones, especially when scheduling into the future.

Total time zone management

For complete and correct time zone management, a system must cater not only for the user's time zone, but the resource's time zone, the time zone of the booking itself and it must maintain a database of each country's time zone rules, keep up to date with rule changes and apply these every time a booking is moved to a different date or a different resource.

Auto timezone update processed automatically

WhiteSpace® does all of this: seamlessly managing time zones, offsets and summer / winter time changes as well as automatically updating your time zone database so that you don't have to - which instead allows you can focus on your customers. It can also be seamlessly integrated with MS-Outlook to augment the user convenience of Outlook, with the time zone accuracy of WhiteSpace®.

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