Sync WhiteSpace® with MS-Outlook. Available for Outlook 2007 and now Outlook 2010, the WhiteSpace® Outlook Integrator is a bidirectional link which seamlessly syncs bookings made in WhiteSpace® with Outlook, and publishes Appointments made in Outlook to WhiteSpace®.

  • Sync with Outlook
    seamlessly publishes bookings in Outlook and synchs bookings made in Outlook too
  • Increased visibility & accuracy
    WhiteSpace® schedulers can see what employees in the field have booked themselves on, and employees in the field can see what WhiteSpace® schedulers have booked them on, which avoids double bookings, over scheduling and helps everyone get bookings right the first time around
  • Improved accuracy
    with end users knowing what schedulers have planned them on, and schedules can see what users have entered into their Outlook calendars - WhiteSpace® improves awareness of all concerned
  • Multiple clients
    Supports Outlook 2010, 2007 & 2003, iPhone, Outlook Web Access - any Exchange client
  • Blackberry?
    Yes! supports any Blackberry that can synch with Exchange
  • iPhone
    Yes! supports iPhone through the Exchange synch
  • MS-Exchange
    Support Exchange 2007 and 2010 as well as Exchange Clusters

WhiteSpace® - Outlook Link

Look around today and virtually every business professional relies heavily on their calendar and e-mail, often through web enabled portable devices.

This level of flexibility and portability is great for end users, but creates challenges for schedulers back in the office as they need to check both their users schedules and project commitments as well as their Outlook calendars - resulting in manual effort, wasted time, errors and even double bookings, loss of revenue and embarassment.

WhiteSpace® steamlines the scheduling process with seamless, no touch integration with Microsoft Exchange - automatically publishing bookings schedulers make centrally within the end user's Outlook calendar and vice versa. Seamless bi-directional integration ensures that everyone is up to date at all times. Schedulers can even lock specific bookings to stop users from deleting or moving them - something Outlook itself cannot do.

 Views show each Resource's TimeZone, mouseover shows local & booking time


When a scheduler makes a booking for a resource that has Outlook configuration enabled, the booking is automatically published in the user's Outlook calendar and the end user can also be sent an alert as to the booking details.

Users' Outlook calendars also stay in synch if bookings are moved or canceled, and the advanced feature that allows specific booking types to be locked is a favorite amongst schedulers as it ensures end users cannot accidentally move or delete important bookings - or even delete ones they shouldn't.

As WhiteSpace® integrates with Exchange it supports any Exchange compliant clients including Outlook, Outlook Web Access and any Exchange compliant calendar as well as Exchange compliant portable devices including the Blackberry's, iPhone's and most smartphones. >