Like the Timewatch timesheet but can't get away from your legacy system, no problem! You can interface Time® with your current system so users can enter timesheets with Time® which is posted to your system

  • Have an existing system?
    although Time® can operate stand -alone, we've designed it to be able to used as a front end to any system. If you have an ageing internal system that you want to extend a new lease of life, have another supplier's timesheet system, but want your users to benefit from the user friendly features of Time®, we are happy to help
  • Need Costing or Billing?
    you can integrate with your existing back office system, or take a look at our Time®&Money and Time&Space® systems, both include the advanced features of Time® but with extended features
  • Like Outlook timesheets?
    end users simply love our import from Outlook and dock within Outlook features, and by integrating Time® with your current system, you too can save time, improve accuracy and reporting whilst retaining your back office system

Time® - Integration options

If you are looking to augment an existing internal system with the ease of use and time saving timesheet entry features of Time® rest assured you can.

From straight forward export/import mechanisms to seamless integration utilizing API's and Web Services we can help add the advanced timesheet entry, time tracking, Outlook timesheet and time reporting features of Time® with your existing system.


The seamless nature of the integration facilities of Time® is evident within our own product range as the same timesheet entry engine is also used in Time®&Money and Time&Space®

Time® can act as the front end to literally any existing time management, project costing or financial accounting system, breathing new life into an ageing solution or in providing a more user friendly timesheet capture engine for an existing system.

If you'd like to discuss the opportunities to take advantage of Time® within your own organization, please do not hesitate to contact us. >