Time&Space is a complete Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution available as a fully hosted SAAS solution, Subscription and Purchase options. Time&Space® includes; time recording, time sheeting, timesheet, time tracking, web timesheet, web time tracking, Outlook timesheet, Outlook time tracking, blackberry timesheet, pda timesheet, expenses, billing, time and billing, time recording and invoicing, Resource Scheduling, Resource Planning and Financials integration in one, complete solution.

  • Flexibile Resource Scheduling
    Supports literally any resource including: people, rooms, equipment, courses, vehicles & virtual resources
  • Configurable
    highly configurable system with customizable views, color coding, skills, groupings, fields &reports
  • Friendly, easy to use
    little or no end user training required
  • MS Office look and feel
    provides a familiar user interface, facilitates rapid end user acceptance and low levels of training
  • 100% Browser based
    supports use from any location, promoting single to multi-site, mulminimizes errors / saves time
  • Synch with Outlook
    seamlessly publishes bookings in Outlook and synch's bookings made in Outlook
  • Multi-user
    Allows multiple users to schedule and plan at the same time
  • Removes duplicate entry
    No need to copy data from one spreadsheet to another, or copy data from Outlook or some other system, WhiteSpace® provides a central database for all your scheduling needs, integrates with Outlook and you can export data to other systems.
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Look around today and almost all business professionals rely heavily on e-mail, calendar and web enabled portable devices. Consultant's, trainers, practically anyone that travels or is out in the field uses some form of electronic device to remain in contact.

Not only do users expect to be able to view and update their calendar on the move, Schedulers back in the office need to know what end users have scheduled themselves on so that they can manage resource schedules accurately and avoid double bookings and over scheduling.

 Views show each Resource's TimeZone, mouseover shows local & booking time


Time&Space® seamlessly and bi-directionally integrates with Microsoft Outlook ensuring Schedulers and end users stay in synch at all times. Bookings made in either system are visible in the other and as the system integrates with Exchange, it supports any Exchange compliant device including Blackberry's, iPhone's and most smartphones.

When a scheduler makes a booking for a resource that has Outlook configuration enabled, the booking is automatically published in the user's Outlook Calendar and the end user can also be sent an e-mail of the booking details.

Users' Outlook calendars also stay in synch if bookings are moved or canceled, and an advanced feature allows Schedule to lock specific booking types which stops users from moving, editing or deleting the booking in Outlook - something which Outlook alone cannot do.

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