The scheduling advisor is an advanced tool that saves time and effort. Schedulers specify the resources they require and the dates they require them, and the advisor analyzes availability and workload to suggest the resources to schedule - of course you can amend the choices Time&Space® makes where necessary.

  • Advanced scheduling
    looking for a resource with a particular skill on a particular date? the scheduling advisor will save you time every time
  • Amendable
    tell the scheduling advisor the type of resource or resources you require and the date or dates required and it will schedule it all for you.... tell you who it has chosen and let you adapt the choices where necessary
  • Friendly, easy to use
    little or no end user training required - just enter the resources and dates needed, the system does the rest
  • MS Office look and feel
    provides a familiar user interface, facilitates rapid end user acceptance and low levels of training
  • Multi-user
    Allows multiple schedulers to schedule and plan resources at the same time

Time&Space® - Advanced Scheduling Options

Time&Space® customizable views allow schedulers to see resource availability at a glance, allowing them to quickly and easily choose resources when scheduling. However, as the number of resources and the complexity of their skills and attributes increase many schedulers look to advanced tools to help them choose the right resource for the job at hand and manage conflicts easily.

Scheduling Advisor
Included with the advanced scheduling module is the scheduling advisor, which allows

schedulers to simply specify the type of resource they are looking for by date and the advisor analyzes resource suitability, availability, conflict rules and optional proximity1 to recommend a resource.

Time&Space® chooses the most appropriate resource based on conflict rules, availability and proximity, however you can view resource choice

options and choose a different resource where required.

Conflict Management
Managing whether resources' bookings are allowed to conflict is an important requirement

for accurate scheduling. Whereas you would not want conflicts for certain booking types such as customer meetings, training and cacations, you may for bookings such as internal meetings, optional planning sessions and perhaps provisional meetings.

Time&Space® not only allows you to define which booking types may be in conflict, it can

advise users when scheduling a resource which resources can be booked, which cannot and why.

For example, if a booking exists for a user in the same time space which does not allow conflicts, the no entry sign advises the scheduler that the resource cannot be used.

An allowable conflict results in a warning symbol whereas a green tick indicates that the no conflict exists and the resource can be safely booked.

  1 Requires optional proximity database. Currently only available for USA, Canada and Mexico.  >