Outlook-Time® not only allows users to post Outlook appointments as timesheets, but managers can report upon outlook timesheets and outlook time tracking too.

  • Powerful reporting
    ensures you can access the information you need when you need it
  • Multiple reporting tools
    provides the flexibility to allow all users at all levels to access the information they need with the most appropriate tool
  • Secure
    reporting functionality linked to each user's login and security rights, ensuring that users can only see reports they are allowed to
  • Open database
    delivers the flexibility to access data and create reports in any format - if the data is in the database, you can write reports using it
  • Interactive Drill Downs
    fast, efficient way for users to search, query and interrogate data, by double clicking on data to drill down from layer to layer
  • Custom Fields
    allows new fields to be created, you set their data type, where they are used, add them to jobs / projects, employees, customers etc. then use them in reporting and drill downs
  • Drill Down Customization
    allows users to add or remove columns to drill downs as well as add in custom fields
  • Drill Down options
    users can use any of the on-line tools to interactively adapt and refine their drill downs to locate data - users can: click to sort columns, drag to resize columns, drag to group to multiple levels, click to filter multiple columns and search within the refined data
  • Reporting tools
    run reports and charts, print them, export, save or email them
  • Report customization
    create your own reports and charts, attach them to menus, lists and right mouse click functions to make them instantly accessible
  • Report Writing Service
    don't have the time to write reports? Timewatch® professional services staff can write them for you
  • Report organization
    decorate your report menus with icons/thumbnails and descriptions, then arrange reports into groups for easy recognition
  • Quick access
    save time, attach common, everyday reports to the quick access menu so that users can access them quickly and easily
  • Scheduled Reports
    automatically runs reports at preset dates/times and emails them to specified recipients
  • Dashboard
    a CEO favorite, up-to-the-minute charts, graphs, panels, indicators that allow senior managers to see a birds eye view of people, project, customer and financial performance - then access drill downs and reports to view the underlying data where required

OutlookTime® - Reporting

The OutlookTime® solution includes a range of reporting tools to allow you to access your data the way you want, when you need to, and we save time into the bargain.

Reporting starts with a range of standard reports that you choose from a library of reports and arrange in custom menus that you create yourself. Next is a powerful, dynamic and configurable spreadsheet-like reporting tool that allows you to drill down to the data you need and export it if you wish to. We also provide a range of advanced options including dashboards, auto alerting, advanced reports, report writing options and report writing services.

Powerful and configurable reporting Dashboard   

Standard Reports
Reporting too is incredibly configurable within the OutlookTime® solution which comes with a wide range of standard reports.

You can organize your reports with icons or thumbnails as well as detailed descriptions to your reports, arrange them in groups and link them to security groups.

You can also attach reports to the Quick Access bar at the top of each screen.

Report screen showing groups of reports, their icons/thumbnails and descriptions

Active Drill Downs
Drill downs are most users' favorite reporting tool as it provides a dynamic, interactive interface that allows them to choose the type of data they want to see and drill down from level to level to zero-in on the information they need.

Simply choose what you want to review: projects, employees, customers, billing etc. and you are presented with a spreadsheet type view of data. Double click on a field to drill down

from high level totals to a summary, right down to the individual transactions themselves.

For example a Project drill down displays a high level summary for each Project. By double clicking on total hours you can drill down to a summary of employee hours for that project, double clicking on hours drills to that person's time on that project.

Each drill down has

Drill down from Customer, to jobs for that Customer, to underlying data

multiple cells that you can drill down on, for example on a project you can drill down on hours, costs, charges and billing data.

Report Configurator

With the Report Configurator you can create access powerful reports, create menus, allocate icons, labels, attach reports to buttons, menus, Quick Access bars and arrange them as you wish.

Additionally, you can control which users have access to which reports.

Adding a custom report to a menu

As you can see, reporting with OutlookTime® is both powerful and configurable, however if you choose to implement OutlookTime® you will find that it sets the bar very high for reporting. To learn more, view the on-line demonstrations so that you can see reporting in action for yourself.

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